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Settling Into Summer: Featuring Peripeti Candles

Hi, friends! I don't know about you, but I can't believe it's already July! (I'm truly wondering where the first half of 2017 has gone...!) It's been a tough year so far for me in many ways, but God has been pouring out His grace and comfort and peace, as I press in and allow Him to heal and prune and prepare.

Given the hurt the first half of the year held, I've been settling into summer by slowing down and seeking rest and restoration in Him. I've been getting lost in good books and spending lots of time sitting outside writing and reading and praying.

I've also been adding little touches of summer to my home to stay inspired and create a welcoming and refreshing space. One of my favorite ways to do that is with colorful fresh flowers and clean, bright scents. It's amazing what a positive effect color and scent can have on you! :)

Lucky for me, my friend Kate creates the most amazing all-natural soy candles and boutique fragrances. Not only do I love her products and scents, but I also love the name of her shop and the inspiration behind it.

The name of Kate's boutique, Peripeti, means a turning point or point of change. And that name and idea couldn't be more meaningful to me than it is in this current season of life. I can feel God using the circumstances of the last few months to prune and prepare me for all He has ahead. And as painful as it's been, it's also exciting! There's a hopefulness in that, and I love that the name of Kate's boutique is something that evokes hope and possibility.

One of my all-time favorite scents she's created is called Silver Linings, and it features a unique blend of mood-boosting and stabilizing essential oils like lavender, lemon, and eucalyptus that evoke positive memories and hope. Kate developed it at a time in her life when circumstances felt overwhelming, and the scent she created acted as a bright ray of light. I'm currently enjoying it daily in one of her reed diffusers, and it always lifts my heart and reminds me to breathe, to take in the goodness of today, and to look forward to tomorrow with hope and trust.

I've also been loving her summer collection this year, and my favorite summer scents are currently her Vetiver + Lemon (which I'm burning as I write this post!) and Orchid + Orange. Both are such bright, fresh scents, and they honestly just smell like summer. :)

Her Nature's Shield is also the perfect insect-repellent (that actually smells good!) for those summer nights spent watching the sunset.

This has honestly been my favorite spot all summer, whether I'm enjoying my first cup of coffee and spending my morning with Jesus, or I'm watching the sunset with a sweet friend, talking about all the complexities of life and the great hope we have in Jesus.

It's definitely been a different sort of summer for me so far, but it's a rhythm I've needed, and I know that the slower pace is allowing God to do an even greater work in me, so I'm able to cultivate and grow good fruit for Him in the seasons ahead.

What about you? How have you been settling into your summer? I'd love to hear how you've been! :)

P.S. Be sure to visit Kate's website to learn more about her inspiring fragrances and maybe pick up a little something for yourself, or someone special, to add a fresh touch of inspiration to your home this summer!