February Goals Recap & March 2018 Goals


Hi, friends! Is anyone else a bit surprised that it's already March? February flew by, but it was packed with so much goodness and lots of little steps forward. As I wrote out my progress on each of the goals below, I just felt so grateful for all the ways God has been moving in my life. He continues to show me more of who He is and just how faithful and true He is. Praising Him tonight for how far He's brought me.

P.S. I just bought this new worship album, and I cannot get enough! Lots of little praise parties happening over here this week. :)

Okay, on to my February goals recap...

Monthly Goals

  • Fast social media for Lent (Both nervous and excited for this one!)

Still going strong on this! I’ll share a post on my thoughts and experience after Lent.

  • Finish reading Idols of the Heart and Faith Forward Future. I’ve been exceptionally bad about starting lots of books and not finishing them lately, so I’d like to commit to finishing these two books in February

I made some progress on this goal, but it ended up looking differently than I thought. I’m almost finished with Idols of the Heart, but I have a lot to go back and really sit with, and I also am almost finished with Daring to Hope by Katie Davis Majors, which was an unplanned read but exactly what I needed right now. Faith Forward Future is on the back burner for now.

  • Read and study the book of Exodus (I just finished Genesis)

I just finished reading Exodus and am going through the corresponding study on RightNow Media, but I want to go back and re-read some of the chapters, take detailed notes, etc. to make sure I’m really focused on comprehension. And then next up: Leviticus!

  • Fast sugar (and maybe coffee — eek) for 10 days (I think I’ll do this to correspond with the beginning of Lent, but not entirely sure yet…)

This goal never happened, so I’m moving it to March. I guess there were just too many tempting Valentine’s Day goodies to enjoy! ;)

  • Pick one area at home to clean out and organize (a closet, a cupboard, etc.)

This goal also never happened, but I’m coming up with a plan to tackle one area per month.

  • Attend IF Gathering with an open heart that's eager to hear and respond to God

This was so good and much-needed! Maybe I’ll do a recap post with some of my favorite takeaways. :)

Weekly Goals

  • Commit to at least one TV-free day (Thanking my friend Emily E for this idea!)

I didn’t do this consistently, but when I did it was rewarding.

  • Continue strength training twice a week (going on six months of doing this consistently!)

YES! I stayed consistent with this, with the exception of a few sessions I had to miss due to circumstances outside of my control. I continue to be surprised by how much I enjoy strength training! I'm thinking about ordering this adorable workout tank to celebrate six months of training!

  • Add one other workout into each week (barre, yoga, pilates, etc.)

This happened, too! Yay! I did a few Revelation Wellness videos, and I also gave this kettle bell workout a try. I think kettle bell is going to be a regular addition to my workouts each week. I love that it combines both weights and cardio in one session.

  • Spend one evening each week working on my Expectant Faith devotional

Sadly, this didn’t happen, and it’s going to have to be on hold for most of March, most likely, due to some other writing commitments.

  • Sunday meal prep (prep at least one vegetable and one protein), so I have some healthy options as I begin each new week

This happened occasionally, but it’s an area I want to continue to improve in (ideas to try: rice/quinoa, chicken, protein-packed egg muffins, tray of roasted veggies, spiralized veggies)

Daily Goals

  • Word Before World (read Exodus and the Psalms; spend time in prayer; continue my daily focus on God’s promises/attributes through the current YouVersion studies I'm going through)
  • Listen to a sermon or worship music each morning as I get ready for my day
  • Drink 50 oz of water
  • Three servings of veggies and two servings of fruit (consider getting portion control containers to help with serving sizes and weekly meal prep/planning)

I was fairly consistent with all of my daily goals, but I need to get serious about my fruit/veggie intake. :) I also have LOVED starting my day with worship music or a sermon. After my coffee and quiet time, I’ve been choosing a sermon to listen to while getting ready, and it’s been such a positive start to each day.

And on to my March goals! It's going to be another busy month filled with lots of building and investing in the things God has been calling me to, and I can't wait!

March Monthly Goals

  •  Continue to fast social media for Lent
  •  Write upcoming guest blog post (I’ll share more about who I’m writing for soon!)
  •  Prayerfully plan and write the teaching for the session I’ll be co-leading at my church’s upcoming women’s retreat (so excited about this! I’ll share a few highlights after the event in April)
  •  Fill out March prayer journal and have a prayer session right then and there
  •  Fast sugar for 10 days
  •  Choose one book to read  (I’m leaving it open this month, rather than goaling to read a specific book)
  • Make a monthly plan room by room for the organizational projects I want to tackle this year

March Weekly Goals

  • Two weight-training sessions with personal trainer
  • At least one additional cardio or strength/cardio workout (kettle bell, yoga, barre, yogalates, pilates, Revelation Wellness video etc.); switch it up each week to keep things interesting :)
  •  Meal plan/prep for the week ahead (figure out a routine for this that I can actually stick with)

Daily Goals

  • Word Before World (read Exodus a second time for note-taking and comprehension and then start Leviticus)
  • Listen to a sermon or worship music each morning as I get ready for my day
  • Drink 50 oz of water
  • Three servings of veggies and two servings of fruit (start making smoothies to start my day to increase my servings, since I am struggling with this)

And that's that! What about you? Have you set any goals for the month ahead? :)