2018 Reading List


It's been a few years since I made a yearly reading list to tie into my yearly goals, and in an effort to curb my habit of reading multiple books at a time and not finishing them, I am starting a list of books I'm interested in reading this year that support my overall goals. I'm hoping to focus on reading about one to two books a month. No doubt I'll skip some on this list and add others, but it's a good starting point, and it makes me excited to read and learn in this next year!

(Editor's Note: Although, you MIGHT note I've already started quite a few of these...so my reading-multiple-books-at-a-time habit might prove A BIT hard to break!) :)

1. Know God more and trust Him more.

2. Grow STRONGER (mentally, physically, and spiritually).

3. Practice praise.

4. Be humble, willing, and faithful right where God has me.

5. Wait well (purposefully, not passively).

What about you? What books are you excited to read this year?