March 2017 Goals

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March Goals.png


  • Finish New Testament Reading plan: Revelation
  • Choose a one-year Bible reading plan
  • Begin More Jesus Amen Paper Company Lent study
  • Do my taxes
  • Organize the desk in my office; start taking little by little steps to create an inspiring, creative, and organized work space
  • Post at least one blog (and brainstorm a list of blog topics and ideas I'd like to explore in the coming months)
  • Finish reading Awe (I've been terrible about finishing books lately. I start a bunch, only to put them down and never finish reading them...)
  • Learn more about inductive Bible study (utilize resources from Kay Arthur and Soul Scripts) and create a color code that works well for my personal study in the Word
  • Participate in The Balanced Life's 21-Day Pilates Challenge to begin cultivating a fitness routine that works for me


  • Prioritize meaningful and quality time with my boyfriend (weekly date nights, daily prayer, studying scripture together)
  • Lift weights 2x a week
  • One day of more in-depth and creative Bible study/journaling/color-coding/highlighting
  • Groceries and healthy meal prep (hoping to get one to two meals prepped on Sundays, as well as healthy snacks and lunches ready to go for the week ahead)


  • Choose Jesus time over Netflix time (giving up Netflix/Hulu on weeknights during Lent, with the exception of social gatherings)
  • Prayer (utilize my Val Marie Paper prayer journals and the Prayers for the City guide my church is doing this Lenten season)
  • Read the Word
  • Drink more water
  • Take a walk - intentionally step away from my desk to move and stretch
  • Prep for the next day (lunch, snacks, work outfit ready to go)
  • 15 minutes of de-cluttering and cleaning at the end of each day