This is a story about unexpected new beginnings (and dating!)

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Hello, friends!

Editor's note: I'll be honest, I wrote about five different titles to this post before settling on this one, because as it turns out, it's not always easy to find the right words when it comes to writing your very first ever dating blog post! :)

I'm so excited to share more of this new beginning and story that's currently unfolding in my life.

About five months ago, God completely surprised me by crossing my path with an amazing guy named Tim (see photo below of the super cute guy in the suit). :) And not only was our meeting each other completely unexpected, so was every detail about how we met. (But why do we ever expect less when it comes to God? He specializes in the unexpected!)


So on to this totally unexpected story of ours...

Amazingly, Tim went to the same high school I did and grew up in the same small town, but because he graduated a few years ahead of me, our paths never crossed back then.

Our moms actually also went to high school together, and thanks to the strange, but wonderful phenomenon that is Facebook, his mom connected with me on Facebook through mine.

And long story short, she thought I should meet this son of hers. :)

And so began an exchange of e-mail addresses and the start of getting to know this guy who has grown to be such a sweet and special part of my life over the past five months.

Our first meeting was drinking smoothies at a local ice cream parlor, and three hours later, I knew I was sitting across from a pretty special guy. He was thoughtful, interesting, and easy to talk to, and as we shared about life and God and all kinds of things, there wasn't any shortage of laughter.

I left our first meeting feeling hopeful and excited to continue getting to know him.

In the months that have followed, we've shared so many fun adventures and moments, from dinners with friends, to celebrating my birthday, to going to concerts, to doing the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes. And while there are so many things I appreciate about him, I am most encouraged and thankful for the way he is so intentional to keep God the focus and center of everything — including our relationship.


It's obviously still really early in our story, and I may not know what's ahead for us yet, but I do know that God is right in the midst of it all, leading the way, and that's more than enough for me. I'm excited to see where God leads us from here. :)